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[KoBold v1] Setup Guide
02-19-2007, 02:40 PM (This post was last modified: 07-24-2007 04:04 AM by DJRavine.)
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[KoBold v1] Setup Guide

For n00bs try this one works 100% thx to Drake! ([DL] Kobold - Easy to install and use repack (NEW 2.0))

NEW ONYXIA RELESE: Laughing Onyxia Database v1

SendSpace | The Best Free File Sharing Service

Kenny links:

Kenny Repack v3.0 Download Link:

RapidShare: 1-Click Webhostingv3.2+ webpage new and improved

FOR ALL LINKS THAT ARE BROKE HERE IS THE FIX (for now u have to handle this one)
Index of /elements <-- Here u can find about everything listed
- warlock pet fix
- xpcalc blizz like
- xp calc fix
- added city guards npc_text
- npc not attacking fixed
- changed wowemu loot template (+optional mangos one)
- updated creatures table
- (mixt with onyxia database v1)
- Clear dualweild
- updated
- npc_text fix
- added optional Tier 3 vendor
- dbc updated!
- booty bay fix
- added tsoatt (gm_weapon)
- changed gameobj_loot (backup the old one incase u don't like it)
- dual weild fix
- updated creatures_templ
- actionhouse fix
- guild_rank fix
- taxinodesmount bug fix
- added zone_coordinates (for taxinodemounts)
- game weather fix
- weapon master REfix
- DB update to fix BootyBay,Ratchet, and other NPCs
- portal trainers fix
- call_pet fix (pet_store table)
- mangos_converted.sql (world spawn,gameobjects)
- lifts/tramp bug fix (delete_wrongtransports, .debug transport)
- fix upperucdoor
- scripts scripts_ai and scripts_spells
- original full working Kobold Sql file
- character working
- dbc
Some Mob AI and Spells :
AI scripts for some mobs and locations and spell scripts links:
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

Good dbc Download Link:
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

kenny_repack v3

- simple just create a db and Execute bath file Thats all no big deal

Luddy Map Pack Link:
MEGAUPLOAD - One-Click Webhosting

Some Mob AI and Spells
- extract them and paste then in your luddy root/Ws/scripts/ dir
Thats it!

- extract then and paste them in your luddy root/ dir
- delete the old ones just in case that is all

Luddy Map Pack:
- extract the maps and paste them into luddy root/ dir


Account Backup Tool

RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting (read the readme file)

Luddy Controller

File: hxxp://

RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

GM Tool Box -updated

Modified GMtoolbox for Kobold(ludmilla)

SendSpace | The Best Free File Sharing Service

Gm Commands Link:
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

Luddy Account Manager #1

This is a simple account menager (will be implated to my Ludmilla Multitool).
-Fixed Account Browser
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace
SendSpace | The Best Free File Sharing Service
OK this is LAST relese of this tool. I started work on multitool and acc menager will be implated (with some more futures)

Account Manager #2

It was created in .NET 1.1. Make sure you have it installed.

[Rel] Launcher/Restarter

SendSpace | The Best Free File Sharing Service

Take Command
Take Command Description

Web Page Link: NEW

kenny's webpage remake

RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

APACHE + PHP + mySQL guide for Luddy Webpage: (Ludmilla Kobold Web Page install + apache and php guide)

-need some update working on it soon!

[*] All data posted here are credited to:
- Silver
- Jajcer
- Xinef
- Fadass
- Compboy
- geXon
- ChaosCode
- ReeceX
- MasterM
- KuRi
- finalzero
- Komareka
- Immaksui
- pdnk
- Drake
- and others

I did the repack mixt! thats all and added all those stuff to a single thead ! Smile
SOFTWARE for Luddy Setup:

Navicat download link:
conTEXT download link:
Apache 2.0.59 win32 source: source:
PHP: Get Download (choose a mirror)
mySQL Download Link:

Very good PHP-MYSQL Tutorials:
PHP MySQL Tutorial
Tools All in One Link:
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace
Tutorials All in One Link:
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace
Scripts + dbc's All in One Link:
RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace


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[Image: thedjravine.png]
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06-30-2007, 02:54 AM
Post: #2
[KoBold v1] Setup Guide
What version of the client is this? i am interested in trying this server out! LOL

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03-31-2008, 10:32 AM
Post: #3
[KoBold v1] Setup Guide
i question this thread.... I DONT SEE NO BINARIES!
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