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02-19-2007, 03:31 PM (This post was last modified: 07-28-2007 01:32 AM by DJRavine.)
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Quote:MaNGOS ~ Amber~
SDB + MaNGOS + Scripts + Patches
Compiled on VS2003 by ShivaJiva101
for client v1.12.1 & 1.12.2

This is a standalone diskw based server with SDB,MaNGOS ,MDH,Apache,PHP,MySQL complete with...
a themed website and forum all PRE-INSTALLED! Oh and a few tools
Credit goes to skitey for the concept.
Just a different flavour of MaNGOS for your consumption. Enjoy *burp*

Details...Download is ~46Mb
Just unrar and READ the Howto-Install.txt

Full Installation paq.
SDB 0.6 beta 2 + MaNGOS Core: v3132 + Mangoscript rev118 + Honor + Jail link1

Looking for a previous release? Check Here
If you want to know whats been fixed/added/deleted/updated...
Check here for info on SDB *Changesets*
Check here for MaNGOS changelog here to view tickets
Check here for Mangoscript changelog

If you need help backing up your characters check Rits post for info on which tables to backup.
If your still struggling with networks after reading the Howto-Install.txt you had better READ THIS!
Try MangAdmin client addon link1 link2

Before posting please read the RULES...
Use the forums search facility to check whether someone else has asked the same question

If any one has patches they would like to see added in the next build ?
upload the source code/patch and/or pm me a link

Quote:Hello m8's.
First i wanna say thx to Jacobite for this nice ManGos picture, it helps a lot and makes a "special" touch.
Thx Urbin for your Mangos Revision 2804 ,SDB Team for their lates DB and Updates and Drakelord for your special SQL server help.

Now to the point:

Sometimes i asked for an easier running of mangos, without any additional knowledge of an sql server.
Nowbody helped my, but i learned much and worked a bit into mangos ^_-

Now after a little work of a week a came up with this:

It can't be easier!? ^_-
ManGOS ~Platinum~
CORE:revision2804 & Scriptdev147& MCH_1.5c& Anticheat_1.5
DATABASE: SDB 0.5.3 *Changeset 15* 2803 Database
[Image: mangosm05la0.jpg]
SUPPORTS 1.12.1 + 1.12.2

Check (until Rev. 2804)

With easy words:
Check the Readme-File after Installation, run ManGOS.exe after installation, and click on the seperate starting links....DONE!

SQL Server is already included and preconfigured!
Just "Click 'N' Play" ^_-
Get it or let it

NOTE: If you don't like the included mini-sql problem!
Check the \diskw\usr\local\mysql\data\ folder and copy the mangos + realmd folders to YOUR MySQL Data-Folder

(A little extra information provided by my own experiencesSmile
Note 1: Be sure you dont have Skype open! This program makes the SQL database (run.bat) unable to run correctly.

Note 2: Be sure you dont have any MySQL or Apache running when you run start.bat! Close down your current MySQL server if you have one running (uninstall is not required, just close it - Use: ctrl+alt+del, and find process "mysql-nt" and close it.. Also close "Apache" if any of those are running.)

Note 3: To make sure that start.bat is loaded successfully, a webpage comes up. When it comes up, wait 5 seconds, and then refresh it. If the page cannot be accessed or showed anymore, you have something that blocks for mysql to start! If it comes up with the exact same page again, loading was a success and you can go on.

This Setup will be updated if i got time and some new, big process is made.

D/L Rapidshare (~60 MB)
RapidShare: 1-Click Webhosting

have Fun!
Quote: NOTE:I am currently testing a TBC server... Will upload soon...

Mangos 2998 v2.0.1 Server - Includes Maps DBCs SQLs [DOWNLOAD] - [221MB]

Mangos 2998 v2.0.1 Server Only [DOWNLOAD] - [1.75MB]
Mangos 2998 v2.0.1
SDB 0.5.4 *Changeset 66* 3032 SQLs Only [DOWNLOAD] - [8.32MB]
Mangos 2998 v2.0.1 SDB 0.5.4 *Changeset 60* 2977 SQLs Only [DOWNLOAD] - [5MB]
Mangos 2998 v2.0.1 DBCs Only [DOWNLOAD] - [2.65MB]
Mangos 2998 v2.0.1 MAPs Only [
DOWNLOAD] - [210.27MB]

Here is the newest guide that I made, this guide as well as the newest emu is/was up on November 28!
I put everything together in one file so youre not tempted to just download the emu and use it with previous maps because it will not work and you will get errors. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE GUIDE COMPLETELY AS IT IS UPDATED!

Etnik's NEW MaNGOS guide for TBC latest patch!


A: Burning Crusade WoW-
B: MySQL you need to scroll down and select a mirror: MySQL AB :: Select a Mirror
C: Navicat:
D: New MaNGOS!: Game Downloads, Game Patches -
SendSpace | The Best Free File Sharing Service

Installing The Burning Crusade:

1. First you need to have the current WoW (1.12.X).
2. Next, you need to set up a workspace, so create a folder in any directory named TBC or something close.
3. Open the Burning Crusade patcher.
4. Finish patching that, and install it by opening the Installer (dragon icon) located in WoW-, install that it in the new folder you made previously.
5. Now go ahead and open up the game without changing anything first and log in as a pass: a, and it will begin updating and patching, repeat this step until you get to version or until it says wrong username and password.

Setting up the Server:

6. Open MySQL, open it up, hit Next,
-Detailed Config; Next,
-Developer Machine; Next,
-Multifunctional Database; Next,
-Next, Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP; Next,
-Enable TCP….. Port number default (3306); Next,
-Standard Char. Set; Next,
-Install as Windows…; Next,
-NOW::::enter a password and remember it and confirm it and hit next, Then Execute, and it should be done.

Setting up the Database:

7. Open Navicat up.
8. Now click:
-File, then
-New Connection, then
-Connection Name: *Anything*
-Host Name/IP Address: localhost
-Password: The same one from MySQL
12. Now right click *Anything* and select New Database and name it mangos.
13. Right click *Anything* again and select New Database and name it realmd.
14. Right click realmd and click Execute Batch File and browse to ……\mangos\sql\realmd.sql and execute. It will alert you when finished.
15. Now right click on mangos and Execute Batch File…mangos\sql\mangos.sql this may take a while to execute, but it will alert you when finished.

Concluding the Emu:

16. Now, we have that all done! But now we must go to the mangos folder open it up, and open up realmd.CONF with WordPad, and part of it should read:

Make sure you change where it says YOURSQLPASSWORD to your MySQL password.
17. Save and close out of realmd.CONF.
18. Now, open up mangosd.CONF with Notepad or WordPad, and part of it should read

Make sure you change where it says YOURMYSQLPASSWORD in both places!!! to your MySQL password.
19. Save and close out of mangosd.CONF
20. Now, open up mangosd.EXE and realmd.EXE, and they should stay open!!! If not then there could be a problem.
21. Go open TBC folder from the second step, and open up Burning Crusade Closed Beta, in there should be a file named realmlist.WTF, open that with Notepad and erase everything and paste the following instead:
Save and close.
22. And finally go to Navicat, open realmd, open realmlist and change it to: id:1 ,name:anything you want, and address to:, leave everything else the same. And then after this, open up mangos.exe and realmd.exe! All done!

Notes: Make sure you keep open mangosd.exe and realmd.exe when playing!

Fanatik, Hahabynow, and his friend who made the brand new emu.
Dcstegg for the database.
And me for providing new links, database configuration to support new emu and for the guide!

For any questions: contact me through this topic or MSN: "[email protected]"

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[Image: djr_sig.png]
[Image: thedjravine.png]
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05-27-2007, 10:35 PM (This post was last modified: 05-29-2007 02:00 AM by DJRavine.)
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Needs updating.

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