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Role Playing Games section.
02-27-2007, 10:57 PM
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Role Playing Games section.
Welcome to the RPG section of games you play.

Im not going to type out my rpg history, as that post would take about a week to type out.. "No joke".

Lets just say i've played more than any human should have lol..

Note: All rpg's listed is for consoles only, as pc rpg's are too many to list, and nowhere near as good as the older mainstream rpgsWink

My Top 3 Rpg's by type:

TB "Turn Based":-
Final Fantasy: you all knew it was coming, and you all know why.
Breath Of Fire: This had a major impact on me, so much so I made a devoted website to the series "then they went and made bof5.. /Slaps Capcom to death with thier own Bof 5 cd's" What can I say, if you love dragons, you will might even like it more than FF games.
Chrono Trigger: Very good story line, great battle system/combo's. "Chrono Cross was not as good, but still a good rpg"

ARPG "Action Rpg":-
Secret of Mana: this game basicly started it all for the Snes, and was like doom for the fps community. Very good.
Zelda Series: heh, so much to be said for this series, but lets just say it's only number 2 because SOM was my first good arpg.
Tales of Phantasia: Well, this game was very deep, and very big in size. The battle system was the first of it's kind, and done very well. There are also other ones of this series on next level consoles.

SRPG "Stratagy RPG":-
Shining Force: Ok, this game started it all, and the megadrive suddenly got more sales after it was madeWink Lets just say if you have not played it, get downloading an sega emulator damnit! "2 SF's on the MegaDrive" and more on other consoles, very amazing and the best you will ever play on this type of rpg, simple.
Fire Emblem: So close to be as good as SF, but not close enoughWink "note that most older ones are in Jap, and you would need a english translated rom".
But basicly it's a very good srpg, and worth a playWink
Final Fantasy Tactics: I was shocked when SquareSoft took a stab at srpg..
And the fact the made a very well done srpg with thier normal goodness that ff games bringWink Great game, and plenty to do. It's on the psx.

Im trying to limit the size of this post, but it's hard as I know so dman much about rpgs..
But if you want any information on console emulation or a place to get a much needed rom/iso for something you like to play "rpg wise.." then let me know.

Yamachi also knows about console emulation, so if im not around, he can help you tooWink

Anyway, post your rpgs that you like and why.

Death awaits you..
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