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[TOOL] WoW Model Viewer
02-27-2007, 04:23 AM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2007 04:27 AM by DJRavine.)
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[TOOL] WoW Model Viewer
WoW Model Viewer

The WoW Model Viewer is a 3D model viewer for World of Warcraft®. It uses the data files included with the game to display the models from the game: creatures, characters, spell effects, doodads, items, etc. You can dress up and customise the character models or just view NPC models.


Quote:Well this update is finally available, however due to time constraints I had to ditch a number of things that will be implemented at a later date - in a future version. This update ended up being mainly bug fixes unfortunately, but was needed to be released.

Download Program from here -

Download source code from here -

For more information or to submit queries and feedback,
please visit the thread over in the forum located here -


Quote: Couple weeks back I was playing with making an ActiveX component for vieweing WoW Character models and equiping them. Sounded like a fun little project and easy to do - plus I imagined websites like CTProfile, Curse-Gaming and other similar websites could make use of it.. even if it is limited to IE users.

At first everything was great, got the basics working and everything seemed to be working at an acceptable level. So I decided before I invested any more time on it I should make sure that it is indeed working externally. On my hunt for users with IE6 still installed I finally found a few people to test it, and to my confusion it wasn't! Not that it was directly my fault, but Internet Explorer blatantly refuses to load any ActiveX control over the web that hasn't been signed.

Now I can understand this - it makes sense since ActiveX controls are a very serious security risk. I however would of atleast expected a security warning to give the user the option whether they want to load it or not. Alas that isn't the case, so I looked around out of curiosity to see how much it would cost for a certificate to sign the control with. $200 USD for 1 year. Bloody oath! Its no wonder Microsoft was unable to gain much if any market control from Java. *sigh*

Disappointing but none the less, just means when I get some time and not busy with any other projects I'll begin toying with working on a Java Applet instead.

[Image: activexdemo_03.jpg]

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02-27-2007, 04:28 AM
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[TOOL] WoW Model Viewer
There are 2 main version atm. One that supports 2.0+, and the other one that supports 1.12.x and under. The pic posted above is an image of a little project that the wowmodelview guy was working on: an activex plugin that let's you do, basically what wowmodelview does, but in a webbrowser. WoWmodelview itself is not web-based, and can do quite a few nifty things ( ie. you can export models into several formats. This means, if you have the know-how, you could take TBC models, and make them usable on WoW 1.12.x and under ^_^ )

[Image: 33.gif]

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