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[WowwoW] 0.2.4
02-27-2007, 03:11 AM (This post was last modified: 07-21-2007 01:48 PM by DJRavine.)
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[WowwoW] 0.2.4
[SIZE=6] WowwoW 0.2.4

Here is the 0.2.4 Version of WowwoW it follows where 0.2.3 left off. See the Changelog for changes.

Quote:Account/Character Handling

+Fixed major characters in list vanishing bug
+Fixed Logout to work mulitple times
+Fixed Exitgame to work as logout
+Fixed Logout to make you stand again on logout
+Fixed Creation now not possible if already have 10 chars
+Fixed a bug that sometimes caused players to crash on login.


+Fixed a bug which caused the client to be non responsive when learning an invaild spell
+Added support for unique items created by spells. Now the spell wont cast if you have too much of the item already and Innkeepers won't fill you up with hearthstones.
+Fixed a bug which was causing to only one aura to be removed when you logout/die instead of removing all.
+Fixed targetting of party members and its pets with spells.
+Fixed Arcane Brilliance and similar spells.
+Fixed Power Word: Shield and similar spells.
+Fixed Power Word: Shield to work Bl1zz*, fixed improved power word shield talent.
+Fixed chain lightning's range and targetting. Before, it targetted out of range units and sometimes attacked one more target.
+Added support for chain heal.
+Fixed Fire Shield and similar spells (targetting).
+Fixed effects that are used in pet spells that targeted the master of the pet, it'll now target it.
+Added range check for spells, you can no longer use [email protected] from miles away.
+Water walking spells now work.
+Mobs will no longer cast spells after death if they started the spell before they died.
+Fixed Hunter's mark and similar spells no longer aggros.
+Fixed - Hunter's mark and similar spells didn't increase ranged damage on the target.
+Fixed - some wands didn't display damage and other.
+Fixed a bug which caused wands to be resisted and caused some of the wands not to work.
Note that for wands that don't have damage (in the database), the problem of no agro/damage with those wands will still exist.
+Fixed a bug that caused party related spells, sometimes not to work. This also fixes the bug with buffing totems that you had to relog in order for the totem to buff you when not in party.
+Fixed passive resistances not displaying resistances.
+Fixed resistances auras such as Fire Resistance Aura that weren't adding resistance.
+Fixed totems!!!
+'Smart' Searing totem.
+Fixed cat form that released after 5 sec.
NOTE: Known bug with totems:
Damaging totems do not show the damage done, that doesnt mean the dmg isnt done (You don't see the dmg in the log/on the screen but you see the mob lost health).
+Fixed a bug which allowed you to block without having a shield equipped.
+Fixed blocks to be Bl1zz* and amount blocked is increased by talents.
+Fixed block to show correctly in combat log.
+Fixed - off hand hits were missing checks to see if the target can dodge/parry/block and allowed to target to dodge/parry/block without being able to.
+Resurrection spells are now working (not self res spells).
+You can resurrect players by their corpse.


+Totem scripts.
+Fixed Stats and other things for starting characters
+Added better starting layouts to characters


+Fixed learning thrown/bows/crossbows/guns to give the shoot spell for it.
+Fixed a bug with talents which caused getting double effect from them.
+Characters are no longer able to learn talents if they don't have enough points in the talent tree or they don't have the required talent for it.
+Parry will no longer have negative values.
+Fixed shooting and throw skills that weren't growing.
+Fixed calculation of parry,dodge and block. block/parry/dodge chance will no longer be 'reversed'.
+Added a minimal hit chance for mobs and players.
+Fixed - failed attempt message was sent a few times when skinning.
+Fixed travel form not boosting speed.

Character Stuff/stats
+Dead players can no longer gain xp.
+Fixed PutObjectInBackpack() to take care of stacks in additional bags.
+Fixed FreeSlots() to take into account stacks in additional bags.
+solved the problem with corpses attacking - and reduced combat distance - Mobs now walk back to base
+Temp fixed dc when you loot when you have your backpack full and ammo pouches.
+made regen rate faster during sitting or sleeping
+Fixed double str from items.
+Fixed dodge/parry/crit to display to the client.
+Fixed block/dodge/parry/crit so that when the aura that changed them is removed, the server will recalculate the precents.
+Fixed a bug with range check which caused getting 'out of range' error when you used an item.
+Corpses now disappear after you loot them (if not skinnable)
+Corpses remain if there is something more to loot till end of decay time
+Corpse appears now when you release spirit
+Removed debug talks.
+Can now buy into additional bags
+Fixed: DropGoldModifier only showing more Gold to loot but not actually increasing the ammount.
+Fixed most (if not all) bugs with corpses.
+Players that released their spirit no longer see living players and vice versa.


+Produced more active world
+fixed .addspawner to add moving mobs
+fixed spawning so can spawn from completely empty ws
+fixed respawn rate to rely on Frequency
+fixed world save import
+Zone function fixed - no longer gives inaccurate zones
+added gm commands .come, .activate, .turn for use with spawners
+added admin command .objectlint <distance>
+added admin command .findmob <id>
+Fixed problem so computers not set on highmem get spawns immediately spawn on load

*MIRROR UPDATE 20.10.2006*



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06-19-2007, 10:13 AM
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[WowwoW] 0.2.4
Closing this, but not deleting.
Some people like myself collect wow emulators. Thats why im leaving this here.

Death awaits you..
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