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  Merry Christmas Wowps
Posted by: Sanghilia - 12-26-2009 09:00 AM - Replies (19)

[SIZE="6"]Merry Christmas Wowps[/SIZE]

First I want to start off by wishing everyone at Wowps a Merry Christmas, I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true and you get what you want. Smile 3 WoW 60 Day Game Cards!?

Winners : Bolrugard, Multirealms, and Jrgamespot.

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Merry Christmas Wowps Sincerely, Justin Aka: Sanghilia. Big Grin[/FONT]

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  Beandryck - Trial Moderator
Posted by: Beandryck - 11-19-2009 05:35 AM - Replies (8)

Hi, fellows

I am your new trial moderator. It will be very pleased to be able to begin the
work on the forum because I like to work for the rules. I have known DJRavine a good speech if you're going to be exactly, it will be 2-3 years from now.

Nothing serious, but most of the time we speak on msn. I'm one of those who want to create a good environment as possible because I do not like when things look messy. Then I take it to mind and sort itSmile

Information about me:
My name is Markus Lindgren and I'm from Sweden, I am 17 years and resides in Norrköping. I love to hunt, to help people who abuse alcohol. I usually play sports on the weekends and then usually I mostly play football.

As I said it'll be fun! Tongue

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  Complete Server Hardware Overhaul
Posted by: DJRavine - 11-14-2009 06:20 PM - No Replies

Hey Everyone,

I have just had a major server upgrade occur...
We are now running the server from a tiered server configuration...
Which means we have one server running the HTTP & Ruby...
And we have a second server running MySQL...
This will speed up the response of
As each server only have one purpose...

With the move I'm sure there are a few configurations I have missed...
So, send me a PM if you see anything acting funny...

Have a good one, DJRavine...

Quote:SERVER 1
PURPOSE: Apache / Ruby
CPU: Dual Xeon 3.06Ghz
RAM: 4GB Ram
NET: 100mbit Port
*All genuine IBM hardware

CPU: Dual Xeon 3.06Ghz
RAM: 4GB Ram
NET: 100mbit Port
*All genuine IBM hardware

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  New Social Bookmarks!
Posted by: DJRavine - 04-06-2009 05:05 PM - Replies (5)

Hey All...

I have just finished adding in Social Bookmarks into
At the bottom of every thread you will now see a line of icons...
Each of those icons will allow you to easily link that thread to one of the many social bookmarking sites out there...
Sites like, Facebook, Twitter,, Digg,, etc.. Big Grin
Let me know if there is a site i have missed.. Wink

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  Win32.Conficker.C Virus
Posted by: TWINTURBOSkyline - 03-30-2009 05:37 PM - Replies (5)


[SIZE="3"]Do a full anti-virus scan and full windows malicious software removal scan now.[/SIZE]

The World's worst and most spread computer worm "Win32.Conficker.C" will activate on April 1 with unknown consequences. Over 20 million computers have already been infected.


Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool:

On April 1, this worm is going to activate and cause unknown effects, ranging from wiping hard drives to stealing passwords. There have been 2 versions of this worm before, Conficker A and Conficker B. Both of these actually destroyed some computers.

This is a major threat to computers across the world.

"Oh, I always use Windows update and have an anti-virus running, I'm safe" - NO YOU ARE NOT.

[SIZE="3"]The British Royal Navy Warships have been infected, the UK Ministry of Defence, French Air Force, German Federal Defence and the Norweigen Police have all been infected. This is serious.[/SIZE]


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  New baby spaz photos!!!
Posted by: Spaz - 03-27-2009 08:42 AM - Replies (8)

Hey everyone, here are some new photos of my son Jesse.

He is now 14 weeks old, and doing really well.

DJ: Please Click READ MORE if you want to see sum pictures... Big Grin

[Image: 23032009923.jpg]
By spazdan, shot with N95 at 2009-03-26

[Image: 13032009885.jpg]
By spazdan, shot with N95 at 2009-03-26

Print this item Send this item to a friend's 2nd birthday?
Posted by: Nitt - 02-19-2009 11:12 AM - Replies (9)'s birthday

Well its's 2nd birthday
So on behalf of the members, and staff etc.
Id Like to thank Everyone at if it wasn't for you wowps wouldn't be what it is today =]

and an extremley big thankyou to the Admins
Kitten, Djravine, Spaz, Darknation
For maintaining wowps and Keeping it on its feet




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  Bushfire Inferno in Melbourne... It's A Sad Day for Australia...
Posted by: DJRavine - 02-09-2009 03:26 PM - Replies (15)

Hey all,

I'm sure alot of the Australian members will already know about the horror and tragedy that has taken place in the heartland of Victoria, Australia over the last few days...

I wish to send our deepest sympathies to everyone that has been affected by this heart wrenching disaster which has just occurred...

I have gathered a few news stories and videos and added them below for anyone that wishes to know more...




[Image: 0902_firenew_a.jpg&width=310]
Victoria has experienced the worst bushfires in Australian history.

[Image: 0902_firenew_lg_a.jpg&width=310]
The smouldering remains of two cars which were burned out by the killer blazes. (AAP)

[Image: 0902_firenew2_lg_a.jpg&width=310]
Smoke pours into the sky as fire authorities race to save a farm in Bunyip. (AAP)


[b]The final death toll of the devastating "Hell on Earth" bushfires could be well above 200, according to reports of government crisis meetings.[/b]

With the official toll standing at 126, the fires are already the worst natural disaster to ever befall Australians.
Some of the fires are still burning, threatening the Glenhope area north of Melbourne and the towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah in the northeast.

The Victorian government has been briefed to expect a final death toll close to 230, according to a report in The Australian.
The death toll has risen to 126, with police confirming that at least 33 people have died in the small town of Kinglake.
Police have also found eight bodies at Narbethong, north-west of Melbourne.

"[The death toll] is still likely to climb unfortunately," Country Fire Authority state duty officer Mark Glover said.

PHOTOS: Fatal inferno

YOUR PHOTOS: In the line of fire

A clearly shaken Kevin Rudd has told the Nine Network that if firebugs lit some of the bushfires then they are responsible for "mass murder".
"What do you say about anyone like that — there are no words to describe it other than mass murder."
"The nation should brace itself for a very challenging time ahead," he said.

(Watch Rudd's interview)

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said forensic investigators had begun work in the Churchill region, where police suspect arson was involved.
"At this stage we have a team at the fire at Churchill in the Gippsland Valley, which is certainly one that we believe was deliberately lit," Ms Nixon said.
"Our fire experts and our own investigators have suggested that the way that it happened, how fast that it happened, that there is good evidence to believe that it was lit."
Nixon said investigators were also working in the Kinglake area north of Melbourne, where most of the deaths confirmed so far occurred.

(Click to see a map of the fatal fires)

How do you feel about the bushfire crisis? Leave your thoughts below.

The latest death toll surpasses the toll from the 1983 Ash Wednesday bushfires, in which 75 people died in Victoria and South Australia, and the Black Friday bushfires of 1939, which killed 71.
At least 750 homes were destroyed in the fires and more than 330,000ha burnt out, and authorities say some fires could take weeks to contain.

Have you been affected by these devastating fires? Send us your stories and photos

Ingenious place to take cover

As a "fireball" engulfed a home in Kinglake, three residents took refuge in a wombat hole.
"By the time I got my neighbours and got back to my house, we were under full fire attack," she told TODAY.
"I looked out the front or out the backyard and noticed that most of this had burnt by then and thought, 'We just need to run and we need to run now'."
With a neighbouring mother and son and also her dog, she moved downhill to a nearby creek but found it provided little cover.
It was then that a split-second decision to huddle in the wombat hole saved their lives.
"We just made a canopy of wet sheets and curtains that we had with us and just hid [in the burrow]," she said.

(Read more: Horse saves farmer)

Mother couldn't save children

Among the other tragic stories to emerge from Kinglake were of a young boy and a girl burnt alive inside their home.
"The kids perished, their mother got out but she couldn't get the kids out," Kinglake resident Mary-Anne Mercuri said.
Ms Mercuri also spoke of sisters in their 20s whose bodies were found in the front of their rented house.
"Two young girls around the corner from me were found in the front of their house. There's no way they could have got out. They would have tried to escape but there was nowhere to go."
The mother-of-three said that when the fire arrived it felt like exploding red burning bullets were being shot horizontally at them.
"These big burning chunks started falling from the sky, there was a lot of power behind them. I guess they were exploding parts of trees," Ms Mercuri said. "We are lucky to be alive."
Kinglake resident Chris Harvey said his daughters Victoria and Ali, both in their 20s, told of a local man, Ross, who lost both his daughters and possibly a brother.
"He apparently went to put his kids in the car, put them in, turned around to go grab something from the house, then his car was on fire with his kids in it, and they burnt," Victoria said.

* If you need information on the bushfires, call 1800 240 667

* If you are concerned about family and friends, call 1800 727 077

ninemsn will be streaming Nine's special one-hour news coverage of the Victorian bushfire disaster followed by A Current Affair tonight from 6pm AEDT.

To donate to the relief efforts of the Victorian bushfires, go to the
Red Cross State Government Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund or The Salvation Army Bushfire Relief Appeal.


Print this item Send this item to a friend Has Migrated
Posted by: DJRavine - 01-19-2009 06:32 PM - Replies (9)

Hello everyone...

It's has taken a few more days that I first anticipated but has been migrated its new permanent home...
Sitting comfortably on a quad core, 4gb dedicated linux server, we should all notice a great increase in speed of our site...
And as an added bonus we should be alot more stable now and have alot less downtimes and overloads due to the tremendous load we have received from everyone out there in internet land...
Lets hope 2009 and is a great year for and this new server is our Christmas present to everyone...

Last of all...
I would like to personally thank everyone that has been apart of and helped get it to what it is today...
And a BIG thank you to all the members out there that find what we do helpful and gladly support us, Thank you... Big Grin

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  Introducing Baby Spaz!!!
Posted by: Spaz - 12-14-2008 05:49 PM - Replies (8)

Hey there people of WoWps!!!

I am very proud to introduce to you my baby son Jesse Jasper James, he was born on the 11/12/2008 at 7.13pm est.

He was 51.5 cm long and weighed 3.66 kg.

He did well during the birth, but developed fluid on his lungs shortly after birth, and was admitted to hospital.

That was 3 days ago, and he has been making great progress, and should be home in the next few days.

Here are a few photos of the little tyke, and as ou can see, he gets his good looks from his dad!!!!

Attached File(s)
.jpg  P1000411.JPG (Size: 2.71 MB / Downloads: 244)
.jpg  P1000412.JPG (Size: 2.9 MB / Downloads: 273)
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